One of the most insidious habits, and one of the hardest to shed, is the tendency to keep adding more.

It’s hard to resist adding that extra work project, one more class, another PTA committee, more after-school activities, two new social media sites. More is better.

Except that it really isn’t.

Over-committing can be just as detrimental to wellbeing as overeating or overworking. Feeling that we can/should/MUST have it all and do it all generates an incredible amount of stress. Paradoxically, it often seems that the more we try to do, the less we actually accomplish.

Here’s a great habit to cultivate, one that’s both simple and profound:

Define “enough.”

This isn’t about setting your sights low. It’s defining what you truly need and want, focusing on the habits you’ll need to achieve those things, and simplifying the rest. “Enough” frees you from three of life’s biggest stressors: Must, Should, and More.