Weight loss habit #4: Record your measurements

How to do it:

Get a non-stretchy tape measure. Check your measurements at regular intervals and record the results. For accurate measurements, make sure the tape measure rests on your skin but isn’t so tight that it causes a depression. Measuring carefully and consistently will give you the best feedback. For more detailed information, see the video below.

Why it’s worth doing:

Tracking your weight is essential to weight management, but some people also find it helpful to track body measurements. If you’re exercising, you might be losing fat but increasing muscle mass. Since muscle is denser (and therefore heavier) than fat, there may be times when your weigh stays the same, or even goes up a little, even though your body is getting smaller and firmer. Tracking your measurements can help you weather the frustration of an occasional plateau, when you’re sticking to your habits but your weight doesn’t budge.


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