Weight loss habit #17: Follow your eating plan

How to do it:

First, you’ll need a plan. The Weekly menu works for me, but this habit doesn’t care what eating plan you use, as long as you record it every day. This habit is all about daily recording. In the GIDIG system, it’s a checkbox, a simple yes or no.


Why do it:

One of the main reasons most New Year’s Resolutions fail is that they never move past the “resolving” stage. Goals are great, but you need to have a plan of action and you need to implement that plan, day after day, until the actions become habitual. The habit of daily recording helps keep you focused on your goal every day.

This habit can also help evaluate your food plan. If you’re finding it difficult to stick with some aspects of your plan, make some adjustments until you find something that works for you. For example, I’ve tried repeatedly to schedule a large salad for dinner, but I often find that at the end of the day, all that crunching sounds like too much work. A bowl of soup or vegetable chili provides similar nutrients and calories, and there are times, particularly in the winter, when it’s a lot more inviting.

If you tend to get discouraged and quit when you “break a diet,” this habit can help you shift your focus to “What I’m going to do today.” If you have a bad day—and we all do—then you’ve just had a bad day. The diet isn’t broken. A little dented, sure, but tomorrow is a new day with a new checkbox.



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