Dreams, goals, and habits

There’s no hard and solid line separating dreams, goals and habits, but here’s a useful distinction: Goals are dreams with data. They can be quantified and measured. Habits are specific actions¬†performed in response to a specific trigger or cue.

For a long time, I included “Simplification” among my daily habits. There were days when I did something that could be considered simplification, but more often this habit was the sole thing keeping me from 100% daily completion. ¬†It took me longer than it should have to figure out why I couldn’t turn “Simplification” into a habit. The reason is worth emphasizing:

If you can’t acquire a particular habit, there’s a good chance that it’s not specific enough to even BE a habit.

“Simplification” is not a habit. It’s not even well enough defined to be a goal. Until you identify what simplification means to you and decide what specific, daily actions you’re going to take, it’s a dream.

Dreams are great, but it takes goals and habits to bring them into reality.