New month, fresh start

Moving to a new home, starting a new job or school year—these are times when life feels full of possibility. It’s easier to start new habits or shed bad ones when you feel that a page has turned. When you’re building a habit system, scheduling fresh starts at regular intervals is a great way to

Is it a habit yet?

When you walk into your bedroom at night, your hand will automatically reach for the light switch. You don’t have to think about it; in fact, you probably won’t be aware that you’re doing it. You’ll do it every time, even if there’s a power outage, or if you’re entering the bedroom specifically to change

Bon appétit

I used to work with a woman who was afraid of being hungry. Literally afraid of it, the way people fear snakes or spiders or public speaking or the monsters under the bed. She carried snacks with her at all times and practiced preemptive nibbling with a devotion and regularity usually associated with medieval monks.

A swimsuit challenge

There might be a few people on this planet who enjoy trying on swimsuits, but I’ve never met one. Last time I bought a swimsuit, I just grabbed one that looked about right, reasoning that if it were too small now, I’d get into it eventually. “Eventually” was several years in coming. The too-small swimsuit