Resisting change

One weird human paradox is that we simultaneously want change, and resist it. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Without that initial resistance, without the cycle of rewards and repetition needed to turn an action into a habit, we’d establish habits TOO easily. So if you’re feeling some reluctance toward a new behavior, try viewing this

Got allergies? Get habits.

Spring is here, and so is allergy season. Before you reach for those over-the-counter pills, though, consider taking the GIDIG approach:  Identify a goal, break it down into small daily actions, and turn those actions into habits. If your goal is to get through allergy season without getting a sinus infection or stumbling around in a

Looking at habits in the rear view mirror

I used to have a serious Diet Coke habit. I drank untold gallons of the stuff, at all times of the day and night. Add a wedge of lime, and I would follow you anywhere. Breaking the diet soda habit wasn’t easy, but after being away from it for a few years, I find that the desire

Plotting your way to success

When I begin work on a new story, I start with five basic questions: Who is the protagonist? What does he want? What does he do to get it? What stands in his way? How does he overcome it? Since I spend a lot of time thinking in storytelling terms, I tend to look to

Cynical about New Year’s Resolutions?

Cynicism is a form of hopelessness. It’s also a handy disguise for inertia, avoidance, or simple, old-fashioned laziness. It gives you permission to avoid actually doing anything, because really, “What’s the use?” Cynicism is a wide-spread response to the notion of New Year’s Resolutions. Granted, it’s pretty obvious that NYR have a low rate of