Measuring motivation

One day last October, we realized that we’d walked over 3 million steps since the beginning of the year. That works out to over 1500 miles. At the rate we were going, we figured we could hit the 2000-mile mark by year’s end—the equivalent of walking the Appalachian Trail, minus the black bears and mosquitoes.

A swimsuit challenge

There might be a few people on this planet who enjoy trying on swimsuits, but I’ve never met one. Last time I bought a swimsuit, I just grabbed one that looked about right, reasoning that if it were too small now, I’d get into it eventually. “Eventually” was several years in coming. The too-small swimsuit

What gets measured, gets attention

A couple of weeks back, my husband noticed a disturbing trend. He wears a Jawbone UP wristband. In addition to counting steps and miles, this gizmo measures periods of activity and inactivity. During the day, his inactivity periods are short. He sets an alarm for 45 minutes as a reminder to get up and walk