Habits: Virtues or vices?

Some words cover so much territory and carry so much baggage that it’s a marvel they don’t give up and drop out of the English language. “Habit” is one of those words. It gets to lug around all the weight we assign to virtue and vice, success and failure, character and talent. It’s no wonder

Wired to learn

My sister Judie throws a good party. There was something for everyone at her Memorial Day pool party. I had a wonderful time watching her nine-month-old grandson watch…everything else. The little guy was enthralled and fascinated by everything the big people were doing—swimming, chatting, tossing a frisbee. You could almost see the wheels turning in


Benjamin Franklin is one of my habit heroes. He was serious about building a habit system, and his writings are full of solid, commonsense advice. I especially appreciate his routine of starting the morning by asking, “What good shall I do today?” and ending the evening with, “What good have I done today?” Taking a

Should, could, would

Should, could, would:  What these words have in common, other than their bizarre spelling, is that they’re all synonyms for “Nothing is going to change.” The same could be said for do more, be better, try harder, and work smarter. If we’re going to round up all the usual suspects, let’s also include resolutions, good