Unfinished projects

Every now and then, life hands you an opportunity to reevaluate your views and habits. Of course, at the time, these events usually look more like a crisis than an opportunity, A few years back, I went to a new optometrist for a routine checkup. He handed me a disturbing diagnosis: I had macular degeneration,

The completion habit

I’m a big fan of lists. The To-Do List, in particular, is one of my favorite productivity tactics. It helps me organize my thoughts and plan my time. Unfortunately, over the years I’ve come to suspect that my To-Do List habit creates as many problems as it solves. This is mostly due to the fact

No time for good habits?

Maybe this isn’t a fair question to ask in the middle of the holiday season, which tends to be a busier-than-usual time of year.  But no matter when the topic of habit-building comes up, some people will respond with, “Nope, can’t do that. Too busy.” If you’re already feeling over-scheduled and overwhelmed, the notion of

Habit Decks

During the early stages of GIDIG’s development, we played around with the concept of “Habit Decks.” The concept was inspired by some of the deck-building games we play, such as the Pathfinder Card Game, Dominion, and Mystic Vale. Success in deck-building games requires three things: 1) choosing good cards that 2) work well with your