Planning and progress

The central focus of GIDIG is habits–the things you do, day after day, to work toward a goal that matters to you. The daily routines are essential, but it’s also helpful to set a time at regular intervals to evaluate your progress and plan the next phase of your journey. For me, the last day

Looking at habits in the rear view mirror

I used to have a serious Diet Coke habit. I drank untold gallons of the stuff, at all times of the day and night. Add a wedge of lime, and I would follow you anywhere. Breaking the diet soda habit wasn’t easy, but after being away from it for a few years, I find that the desire

Plotting your way to success

When I begin work on a new story, I start with five basic questions: Who is the protagonist? What does he want? What does he do to get it? What stands in his way? How does he overcome it? Since I spend a lot of time thinking in storytelling terms, I tend to look to

Weight loss habit #20: Plating

How to do it: Prepare plates in the kitchen and bring them to the table, restaurant style.   Why do it: Plating makes portion control easier and more accurate. People tend to underestimate how much they eat. Even if you know what a reasonable serving should look like—and a lot of people don’t—it’s easy for

Weight loss habit #19: Switch to whole grain

How to do it: Start with easy substitutions: Use brown rice instead of white, make your toast or sandwiches with whole wheat, rye, or multigrain bread. Then move on to more drastic changes, such as ditching the donuts in favor of a bowl of oatmeal cooked with a little dried fruit and cinnamon. The next