A swimsuit challenge

There might be a few people on this planet who enjoy trying on swimsuits, but I’ve never met one. Last time I bought a swimsuit, I just grabbed one that looked about right, reasoning that if it were too small now, I’d get into it eventually. “Eventually” was several years in coming. The too-small swimsuit

Better never late

Sarah is the office manager for a small, family-owned company. Like every other family, this one has a few quirks and a repertoire of intergenerational games. Since Sarah is not a family member, she gets to watch from the sidelines. Her favorite spectator sport is “I don’t wait for you; YOU wait for ME!” This

Grab and go

Do a Google search on “Key finder,” and you’ll find dozens of products designed to make that frantic morning search for your car keys a thing of the past. Problem solved! Now, all you need is an alarm device to clip to your sunglasses, your running shoes, your spouse’s phone, your kid’s social studies homework…