What gets measured, gets attention

A couple of weeks back, my husband noticed a disturbing trend. He wears a Jawbone UP wristband. In addition to counting steps and miles, this gizmo measures periods of activity and inactivity. During the day, his inactivity periods are short. He sets an alarm for 45 minutes as a reminder to get up and walk

Writing your own story

Writing a novel isn’t easy. I’ve published over twenty of them, and every one is harder to write than the last. But when you distill the storytelling process down to its most basic elements, you’ve got character and plot. Both flow from two basic questions: What does this character want? What does he do to

Habit myth #4: Habits are boring

Every evening at 7:00, we clear off the dining room table and play games. Board games, strategy card games, deck-building games, kingdom-building games, pattern recognition games, cooperative games in which we band together to beat a global epidemic or a dragon attack, big sprawling war games that sometimes mete out humiliating losses and other times