Unfinished projects

Every now and then, life hands you an opportunity to reevaluate your views and habits. Of course, at the time, these events usually look more like a crisis than an opportunity, A few years back, I went to a new optometrist for a routine checkup. He handed me a disturbing diagnosis: I had macular degeneration,

The completion habit

I’m a big fan of lists. The To-Do List, in particular, is one of my favorite productivity tactics. It helps me organize my thoughts and plan my time. Unfortunately, over the years I’ve come to suspect that my To-Do List habit creates as many problems as it solves. This is mostly due to the fact

Weight loss habit #18: Eat more veggies

How to do it: Not a fan of veggies? If you grew up with limp, overcooked vegetables smothered in melted Velveeta, who could blame you? You’re certainly not alone. Only about one in every 10 Americans eats enough fruits and vegetables. Less than 9 percent eat enough veggies. A good first step toward building this

Weight loss habit #16: Shopping list

How to do it: Anyone can benefit from shopping from a grocery list, but this habit pairs extremely well with Follow a menu. When you have a weekly menu, creating a shopping list is a fairly quick and easy process. I use a phone app that saves previous list items in memory. During the week,