Weight loss habit #15: Scheduled treats

How to do it: Schedule treats into your daily or weekly food plan. This tactic will be more effective if you focus on your favorite foods. Bill loves chocolate, and my love of cheese suggests that I was a mouse in some former life, so our Friday evening meal includes a single chocolate truffle and

Weight loss habit #14: Try new recipes

How to do it: Set a regular time to try something new. For us, it’s Sunday lunch. We take turns planning a menu that includes something a little different. Some of these experiments have been so successful we’ve added them into the weekly menu rotation. A few suggestions: Focus on seasonal produce. If you’re not

Your personal narrative, reconsidered

When you’re building a habit system, you’ll almost certainly run face-first into beliefs and attitudes that limit your forward motion. There will be times when you’ll need to reshape your personal narrative. If that sounds too much like changing history to fiction, consider this:  All history is fiction, in that it is shaped by a narrator.

Weight loss habit #13: Follow a menu

How to do it: Create a weekly menu that you can use every week. If you plan meals that you enjoy and look forward to, you won’t mind the weekly rotation. Be sure to include scheduled treats, and plan to take one or two days off to break up the routine. If you’re using a

Cynical about New Year’s Resolutions?

Cynicism is a form of hopelessness. It’s also a handy disguise for inertia, avoidance, or simple, old-fashioned laziness. It gives you permission to avoid actually doing anything, because really, “What’s the use?” Cynicism is a wide-spread response to the notion of New Year’s Resolutions. Granted, it’s pretty obvious that NYR have a low rate of