Time, optimized

We often talk about making time, saving time, managing time, or finding time.  In reality, none of these things are possible. Time is what it is. You can’t create more of if. You can’t snip off a hour here and there and stockpile it for future use.  You can’t manage it;  it won’t be sped up, slowed down,

No time for good habits?

Maybe this isn’t a fair question to ask in the middle of the holiday season, which tends to be a busier-than-usual time of year.  But no matter when the topic of habit-building comes up, some people will respond with, “Nope, can’t do that. Too busy.” If you’re already feeling over-scheduled and overwhelmed, the notion of

Weight loss habit #12: Record calories

How to do it: First, you’ll need to calculate your caloric intake for the day. Keeping a Food journal (Weight loss habit #11) is a good way to accomplish this. Record your total caloric intake daily.  Don’t leave anything out.  For the information to be useful, it has to be accurate.   Why do it:

Weight loss habit #11: Food journal

How to do it: Record everything you eat and drink. Write it down immediately; you might think you’ll remember tonight, but if you’re not in the habit of eating mindfully, chances are you won’t. Some people (raises hand sheepishly) have gotten very good at eating behind their own backs, and almost everyone tends to underestimate

Weight loss habit #10: Use smaller dishes

How to do it: This habit is extremely straightforward: 1) Get small dishes and 2) use them. Why do it: According to the Small Plate Movement, dish size has increase 22% since 1960. Not coincidentally, the rate of obesity went from 13.4% in 1962 to 36% in 2010. The math is simple: Larger plates promote